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Trubodetal is Russia’s largest manufacturer of pipeline fittings and valves. It produces over 1,000 standard size items: bends, reducers, tees, ends, inverts, adapter rings, pipeline nodes and supports, couplings for stabilizing devices, etc. The factory joined OMK in 2005.

The factory includes a thermal/pressing/welding workshop and a pressing workshop, and a workshop for making bends, and for coating and packaging pipeline fittings.

Its main clients are oil and gas extracting corporations, companies working in the thermal and nuclear power energy industries, and utility companies.

Factory workers take an active part in the public life of the Novosineglazovsky settlement. Trubodetal has won multiple times in regional and industry-level social project competitions in the fields of charity and working with youth.


Year founded: 1949
Annual capacity: 30,000 tons
1,000 standard size products

Address: 23, Chelyabinskaya str., Chelyabinsk, Russia, 454904