OMK Tube


OMK Tube is OMK’s only foreign based pipe production facility. The factory was built and inaugurated in 2013 to expand the sales market. OMK’s U.S. produced pipes and pipes produced at Vyksa Steel Works are on sale in the U.S.

OMK Tube manufactures casing and oil well tubing made from carbon and low-alloy steel grades. The factory is increasing its production to reach planned capacity.

OMK Tube supplies locally produced pipes for Tubular Solutions, the OMK Houston-based pipe finishing facility. We have the possibility of manufacturing competitive products for the U.S. market by setting up a common production chain, “making pipes – finishing processing – selling through own network.”

OMK Tube was chosen as the winner of the fourth annual “2013 AMM Awards for Steel Excellence” in the “Best Greenfield/Brownfield Project” category. The factory won based on the results of a competition held by American Metal Market magazine, which focuses on U.S. steel markets.


Year founded: 2013
Annual capacity: 200,000 tons

OMK Tube
Address: 8800 Miller Road 2 Houston, Texas, 77049, USA