Casting and Rolling Complex


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The Casting and Rolling Complex is a modern enterprise that rolls out hot-rolled steel coils, sheets, and strips for small and medium diameter pipes. It was built and inaugurated by OMK in 2008. The factory employs 1,000 people.

The Casting and Rolling Complex is capable of manufacturing complex pipe steel grades, including those for extra-durable and corrosion-resistant pipes.

Owing to the flexible technological scheme, the factory can produce rolled steel for the automobile and motorcycle industries, for building railcars, tanks, and for other rolling stock. It has four automation levels; that is why the average production cycle takes 3.5 hours on average.

Owing to the use of modern and more effective technologies and equipment at the Casting and Rolling Complex, it is more environmentally friendly compared to other metallurgical factories manufacturing similar items. The total consumption of energy resources at the rolling facility of the Casting and Rolling Complex is 10 GJ/ton, while the average for the ferrous metallurgy industry is over 22 GJ/ton.


Year founded: 2008
Annual capacity: 1.2 million tons
200 standard size rolled stock

Casting and Rolling Complex
Address: Prommikrorayon-7, Vyksa district, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, 607060