Corporate governance

OMK strictly obeys statutory requirements and seeks to improve business transparency. As a private company, we analyze the efficiency of management decisions, evaluate internal processes, and compare our operations with those of similar-sized public companies, which allows us to improve the corporate governance system in line with the best international and Russian corporate governance standards.
OMK’s corporate governance system is built on principles and recommendations set forth in the Corporate Governance Code of the Bank of Russia, and relies on the following corporate values:

  •  Ensuring maximum return on capital;
  •  Respect for and trust in employees and partners;
  •  Support for innovation and continuous product quality improvement;
  •  Maintaining the balance of interests of shareholders, top managers and employees.

In our operations, we adhere to business transparency, prompt corporate information disclosure, respect for the rights and interests of all participants in corporate relations, and the improvement of the company’s investment prospects.
OMK has developed a set of policies and functional strategies that are underlying documents in the corporate governance system of the Group, one of which is the Corporate Integrity Declaration. The major purpose of this document is to ensure that members of the Management Board, executives, and other employees of the company uphold high corporate integrity standards to counter any conflict of interest and to maintain a responsible business.
Furthermore, OMK has enacted a sustainable development policy designed to fulfill the mission, support the company’s strategy, and to streamline and harmonize business in the field of sustainable development (in all controlled companies). The document describes key priorities in the field of sustainable development, reporting and business analysis requirements, and the assignment of responsibility for policy implementation.