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Chusovoy Metallurgical Works is the leader in the Russian springs market for trucks and public transportation. Over 2,500 people work at the factory.

Chusovoy Metallurgical Works consists of four main workshops: foundry, springs production, ferroalloy workshop, limestone extraction, and processing. The factory focuses on making springs. CMW’s automobile springs workshop is one of the largest in Europe.

Springs manufactured at Chusovoy are considered to be among the most reliable and trusted. KamAZ, GAZ, KrAZ, Ural, and many other domestically manufactured trucks are equipped with the factory’s items. In 2013, CMW was nominated by Volvo Group Purchasing as a springs supplier to Volvo’s Kaluga-based factory.

Sports KamAZ, which won many truck races and the prestigious Dakar Rally, is equipped with parabolic springs manufactured at Chusovoy.

In 2002, CMW, together with KAMAZ and TEHMASH, patented the technology to produce 60PP springs steel grade and the technology to produce spring from steel using bulk shallow hardening. CMW is the only factory in the world that uses this method to manufacture springs.

Chusovoy Metallurgical Works sells its products through a ramified network of dealer centers in Russia and beyond. After making an inquiry to the regional sales center, you can buy the required high-quality springs made in Chusovoy on a short deadline and get all the information about the technical characteristics and the competitive advantages of CMW products.


Year founded: 1879
1500 standard size springs

Chusovoy Metallurgical Works
Address: 13, Trudovaya str. Chusovoy, Perm region, Russia, 618200