OMK takes part in major industrial dedicated exhibitions in order to strengthen business contacts, reach out to new clients, show its products and manufacturing capabilities. This section features the calendar of events, in which we plan to participate. See you at exhibitions!

  • EXPO 1520

    5th International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies

    September 2-5, 2015, Scherbinka, Russia

  • Railway Interchange

    International railway exhibition and conference

    October 4-7, 2015, Minneapolis, USA

  • 5th International St. Petersburg Gas Forum

    October 6-9, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • KIOGE 2015

    23rd Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Oil and Gas"

    October 6-9, 2015, Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • Metal Expo

    21st International Industrial Exhibition

    November 10-13, 2015, Moscow, Russia

  • PVPC Expo Middle East

    1st International Dedicated Exhibition of Pumps, Pipeline Valves and Compressors of Middle East

    December 15-17, 2015, Abu Dhabi, UAE