Large diameter pipes catalogue (PDF, 0,4 Mb)
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Large diameter pipes are used for constructing large facilities.

For instance, OMK has delivered over 1,700 tons of straight seam pipes with diameters ranging from 508 mm to 1422 mm and wall thicknesses of 10mm to 42 mm for the Spartak stadium in Moscow. OMK will continue supplying metal products for newly constructed sports venues.

Pipe delivery to the Moscow-based Spartak stadium was the first of its kind. The pipes act as supports for the stadium’s canopy. It consists of two longitudinal trusses which stretch along the football field’s length and two transverse trusses that form an intercrossed connection above the stadium.

They span at 219 m and 180 m. To promote a further use of metal construction, including pipes, OMK took part in founding the Steel Construction Development Association of Russia in 2014.
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